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In all of life we passionately believe that Personal Leadership Effectiveness™ is the number one contributing factor in achieving authentic success. In support of that belief we wholly commit ourselves to developing future generations of successful leaders capable of transforming cultures. 



At Portacle™ we use proven science to develop effective organizational leaders capable of generating healthy and profitable cultures.



At Portacle™ we develop effective organizational leaders that understand the principles of passion, trust and character as they relate to transforming the environments in which they live, serve and work.



on Sunday, July 27 2014
Safe Power is really a subject about being able to use your talent and skill in a way that is not harmful, and does not employ corrupt power tactics like coercion, bullying and manipulation.   In the end, what we hope for, is to create a win for y …
Leadership - Passion, Trust and Character
on Wednesday, July 16 2014
This video blog describes the importance of developing a quality culture and specifically points to  the kind of leadership that have proven to be transformational. The issue of leadership,  and the subject matter has been greatly debated o …
Trust and Negotiation
on Sunday, June 29 2014
// In a Harvard Review Magazine article recently I read that TRUST is at an all time LOW.  Fact is there is a demand for Authentic Leadership in the Marketplace and Faith-Based community.  Question is: Who can we trust?   Cherie' (my …
Video Branding
on Sunday, June 22 2014
Video Branding ... need I say more!  This is a powerful way to express your brand and all you do in words and pictures.   As we consider branding, there are many ways to communicate your value and what it is that you're doing especially as i …
Marketing Confusion and Time
on Sunday, June 22 2014
  People are searching for answers as a relates to the use of the Internet.  It takes time to weed out all the good and bad choices that you can make as it rates to TIME and the use of MONEY to advance the work you do.  Focus is c …