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In all of life we passionately believe that Building Cohesive Teams™ is the number one contributing factor in achieving excellent growth. In support of that belief we wholly commit ourselves to developing future generations of successful leaders capable of transforming cultures. 



At Portacle™ we use proven science to develop effective organizational leaders capable of generating healthy and profitable cultures.



At Portacle™ we develop effective organizational leaders that understand the principles of passion, trust and character as they relate to transforming the environments in which they live, serve and work.



Wise Way Pellet Stove - The Future of Heating
on Monday, January 11 2016
Wise Way Pellet Stove the future of Heating. Portacle is proud to feature Kathy and Glenn Ward, and their Wiseway business.  This company is unique because it is taken time to brand itself and also ensure that it sends out a very consistent message. …
A Case for Character
on Tuesday, December 22 2015
The sum total of the Portacle™ Character, Trust & Passion virtue orb is in one word, that word is: COMPASSION. In this article I have included a download from the Harvard Review to substantiate the importance of CHARACTER and how compassion pla …
Focus, Focus, Focused.
on Thursday, June 4 2015
As your friend, I invite you into the intersanctum of my mind.  It is challenging to think about the many thoughts that we have and how those thoughts can greatly determine our achievements, levels of success and futures. Our society has trained us …
YOUR Fired. Bad Customers Cost too much to keep.
on Friday, May 22 2015
A Confession: We do NOT want to do business with BAD Customers, we only want QUALITY Clients.  It is with a bit of fear and trepidation that I am communicating to all of our friends who are part of our data base, if this offends you or you sense w …
Australia Leaders Call to Prayer
on Thursday, April 30 2015
  Should we Pray for America? As I prepare to go to Canada, and meet with some leaders in a few key cities, I reflect on what has been happening here in America.  Baltimore, Maryland has been under attack with major riots over the death oh Fr …