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The Roots. 

In 1880, the adventure began, our roaster began on a “coffee journey” that connected with our Mission, Vision and Core Values.   Having been an enterprise leader for all of my life, something shifted in my thinking.  The concept initially started with an Amish man who bought a local tavern and was looking for a way to glorify the city.  As a business consultant and a LOVER of coffee, we suggested he have his own coffee brand.  In the process, one thing lead to another and we birthed what we called, I AM Inn, coffee.  The idea was to promote Jesus and develop relationships at the White Horse Inn, in Pennsylvania.   Like may ideas, this one became more personal, for one I love Coffee and GREAT tasting coffee. 

Having a coffee shop was a good idea, but it was not the idea that our client needed.  The concept of I AM still seemed to our team to be a great idea, so we agreed to change the name and grow the adventure ourselves.   Will. IAM was born out of these concepts.  We wanted to have an original, purposeful and practical approach to the coffee Market.  Hence, Will. IAM was born and is the “Worlds First Affirming Coffee, Excellent Taste, Excellent Life…” 

Our mission is to promote excellence in all areas of life through an affirming character-centric lifestyle around a delicious cup of coffee.   We provide certified, fair trade, organic coffee beans freshly ground and available in six flavors in both bags and K cups, available through Amazon on our WIKI BOWS store.

We believe there is room in the INN, so to speak and by affirming others we are more than a cup of Joe.   Our growth plan is simple, people do business with people they Trust, they remain in business with people of Character and follow people with a passion to change the world. 

The Fruits.

 Since beginning this process, we now have developed two books that are available on Amazon:

Will.IAM Victorious: Your Real Identity (Volume 1) 

Victory is about more than a few Wins, it is a lifestyle, a mindset and remaining diligent. Focus produces profit, being profitable essentially includes mindsets that inform your Identity. Knowing who you are, and whose you are is vital to any champion.

Will.IAM Affirmation: My Priority Journal (Volume 2) 

Keeping a Journal, remaining sharp and building a firm foundation is key to any hope of High Achievement. This is not only a book, but a course outline of our signature training "Relational Excellence, Optimize Living" Having a map, and specific tools to grow are included as worksheets. Modeled after 16 years of practice. This is a practical guide that is easy to follow and implement into your life.




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