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In all of life we passionately believe that Building Cohesive Teams™ is the number one contributing factor in achieving excellent growth. In support of that belief we wholly commit ourselves to developing future generations of successful leaders capable of transforming cultures. 



At Portacle™ we use proven science to develop effective organizational leaders capable of generating healthy and profitable cultures.



At Portacle™ we develop effective organizational leaders that understand the principles of passion, trust and character as they relate to transforming the environments in which they live, serve and work.




The Golden Gum Ball - because Relationships Matter
on Wednesday, November 30 2016
on Monday, November 7 2016
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America Dream Business Round Table
on Monday, June 20 2016
Purpose, Vision & Values - Our Family Center of Carolinas™
on Wednesday, April 6 2016
Transition and Focus. Portacle has been in transition, and we want our clients to know that we are foming a NON PROFIT entity to help more people.  While this blog only hightlight the work we are doing we are excited to provide you with some highlig …
Green Goal Construction - Honor my Son
on Friday, February 19 2016
In this Blog, I feature a NEW innovative company, Green Goal Construction, LLC.  Tyler Winship, who happens to be my son, started this business this year.  What fascinates me the most is how open he is to counsel, and how he retained Portacle …