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In all of life we passionately believe that Personal Leadership Effectiveness™ is the number one contributing factor in achieving authentic success. In support of that belief we wholly commit ourselves to developing future generations of successful leaders capable of transforming cultures. 



At Portacle™ we use proven science to develop effective organizational leaders capable of generating healthy and profitable cultures.



At Portacle™ we develop effective organizational leaders that understand the principles of passion, trust and character as they relate to transforming the environments in which they live, serve and work.



Countdown to Civility, Humility & Deplomacy
on Sunday, August 10 2014
                Browser not supported. Visit <a href="http://www.270towin.com/" _mce_href="http://www.270towin.com/">www.270towin.com</a&amp …
Negotiation with Humility, Civility and Deplomacy
on Saturday, August 9 2014
The Power of Understanding builds on the notion that negotiation is a process of communication in which the parties aim to influence each other’s perceptions. The Power of Understanding increases the negotiator’s ability to encourage a counter …
Serving Leader
on Friday, August 8 2014
"Serving Leaders have to reduce their wisdom on ‘how to succeed’ into bite-sized packages. The Serving Leader teaches these packages of wisdom to the team, which in turn teaches others.”               …
SAFE POWER and Empowerment.
on Tuesday, August 5 2014
"You are in CHARGE principally to CHARGE others."  Quote from The Serving Leader Power surge is a concern for businesses and organizations that do not fully understand the point of being in charge.  Some people believe that leadership is about …
How to Develop a Culture.
on Monday, August 4 2014
FOCUS! 3 things a Leader Needs, and 3 things they MUST do.   1.  Trust God - TRUST 2.  Honor Family Heritage - PASSION 3.  Live a Principle Centered Life - CHARACTER When these three are employed, an optimized personality shows …