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Have you ever felt like you are climbing a mountain and instead of reaching the top you just keep climbing and climbing and climbing? You desperately want to get to the top of that mountain so that you can take a look at the world around you from a new perspective, and maybe see what it is that you’ve been missing.

Something has been holding you back; you just don’t know what it is. Maybe you haven’t had the right equipment. Maybe your physical conditioning has been lacking. Maybe you haven’t learned the right mountain-climbing skills. Maybe you are taking the wrong route up the face of the mountain.

Whatever the reason, there is a solution. For all you mountain-climbers out there we have the training you need whether it’s a skill-set, mental conditioning, or a proven pathway to the top, we have your solution.

At Portacle™ we provide the systems and training that will create authentic success in individuals and organizations. By igniting passion, creating trust and developing character-based leadership from the front-line to the executive office suite, we transform organizational cultures.

If you and your organization want to successfully negotiate the rapidly shifting global marketplace for future success, then contact us right away.

If you want to align yourself with the work we are involved in then we welcome you with open arms and would love to share with you our passion for this global work. Through innovation, collaboration and mobilization we believe we can deliver solutions that will contribute greatly to the healing of our world.

Passion, Trust and Character that is Tried and True
on Friday, April 4 2014
 A key component to having a culture is to ensure that culture is strong, safe and operating in a manor that creates profit.   We do not separate the personal from the professional because the impact of the personal "issues" often have impact o …
Passion and Engagement
on Friday, March 7 2014
Passion is a thin line between love and hate. If someone virulently opposes your project, finding his or her "hot button" (self-interest) will convert that zeal to your support. Remember that logic makes people think, but emotion makes them act. In ove …
Vision and Achievment
on Thursday, March 6 2014
 Vision and Passion We learned organizational surveys that engagement  of employees in organizations and businesses is a all-time low.    As a business leader this concerns me  because it means  that productivity and quality …
Key Considerations in TEAM Building
on Monday, January 13 2014
8 ESSENTIALS OF LEADERSHIP AND THE KIND OF RECRUIT THAT BRINGS VALUE TO THE TEAM1. ARE THEY A PERSON OF CHARACTER? -the Character Factor.  Character is critical to business, when you do what you say and show up as promised, the results will work them …
Passionate Engagement
on Friday, November 1 2013
Evidently businesses and organizations today are struggling to identify quality and commited employees who have a passion to be part of a growning enterprise.  In working with companies I often hear that it's hard to find and keep quality employees.& …