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The Blueprints™


The Blueprints™ are the strands of DNA that we weave together when we are transforming a culture.   Most organizations are currently struggling to understand the cultural complexities of the emerging global marketplace. In truth many organizations are struggling with the challenges of understanding even local cultural transitions. It seems as if many organizational leaders assumed things would always remain pretty much the same. That obviously hasn't been the case.

Navigating and negotiating the shark-infested waters of a local or global marketplace is not imposiible if an organizational leader is willing to engage in a collaborative process that will promote advancement toward a preferred future. 

The key to cultural transformation is to be committed at a core level to operating out of  proven and tested principles that inform the nature of the organization or business  and help it  to grow and sustain around these principles of truth.

The Blueprints™  is a proprietary process that Portacle™  has developed and continues to develop  to come alongside businesses organizations and individuals who are interested in higher achievement and increased profitability.

The very same tools that we bring to market are the same tools we use to engineer our own growth and long-term stability.   The concept of practicing what you preach,  is the vital ingredient to our achievement.  Continuous improvement and developing high  achieving and continuously improving cultures  is our method to optimization.

At the center of our philosophy is that a well engineered organization will have character, trust, and passion leading out o of a principle centered and well engineered group of people that can inform and improve a culture from the inside out.

This is a long-term process  that can be shortened by implementing strategies and understanding the key drivers that motivate change.   Moving beyond theory, to practicum we utilize proven instruments that measure and inform the focus of our engagement.

Once we have established a core commitment, have clear understandings and have a group who have been trained to architect the culture from the inside out  we then focus around some of the basic tenets that make a business organization and industry leader.

The following are some of those basic tenants,  we engage experts in these areas and offer significant understanding in effort to advance an organization and business to their next level.  Each of these parts  are engineered around what were calling pod trainings.   The Portacle™ pod trainings  are used to create a higher awareness of the importance and the role that everyone plays to establish high-yielding cultures.

We have learned that engagement  and productivity have a direct correlation to the passion of the individual, the group and profitability.

Establishing an organization and business that has high passion, has the people engaged  creates a high producing culture,  where enthusiasm and achievement is celebrated.


Passion is not just a word, it's an action.


Alignment is important because many times  we discover highly gifted people operating well below their capacity.   these people may be in a maturing process, and need to be operating in their skill sets to feel a sense of fulfillment.   when an organization takes time to online its people it has a tendency to produce higher yields.



Organizational alignment is not just an idea,  it's an activity.


It is no longer acceptable to looking your logo and consider your brand.   A quality brand is built over the lifetime of an organization and when done well represents the marketing of the inner  truth in the exterior presented.    when a brand has high integrity, it has a tendency to be and become that industry leader.



The marketing department does not develop the brand,  the individuals do.


Following through on promises with a high degree  of accountability makes an organization or business more safe.   The character  of an organization and business is greatly determined by the participants that make up the culture.   authenticity is a moment that happens when a group gets together and determines to be and become greater.



A culture with character moves from good to great,  and does not settle until it's excellent.


Organizational leadership implies that there is a specific direction that is producing the kinds of results worthy of following.  The kinds of skills that are needed to be an optimal leader and to grow  are able to be taught.   We focus around the critical skills that bring forward the best and the brightest within the culture.



A great myth,  is that we can't find good employees.   Leadership training is essential.


At the center of progress are well refined and defined relationships.   Relational excellence is a key factor to optimizing a business and organization.   Learning how to effectively resolve conflicts and install it harmonious relational culture is perhaps the most needed  training.   The value of creating and maintaining high yielding relationships is priceless.



The way you treat someone,  determines your reward or penalty.


We have learned that high trust produces high results.  In effort to retain and to maintain high trust it will require high degrees of competence as well as character.   if either competence or character is lacking trust goes down.   When high trust exists high productivity and growth is the general norm. 



Trusts can be broken,  it can be rebuilt yet  without it growth is diminished.


Trust, Passion, and Character  are the three essentials in order to begin the process of developing a high yielding Portaculture™.   In effort to optimize a culture we use proven metrics to determine the progress within that process.  The results of identifying and improving a culture becomes obvious as attitudes, beliefs and commitment come into alignment.


Our firm employs both a process consulting model that integrates well with coaching to ensure that a business and an organization or person is heading in a direction of continuous improvement and productivity.   The goal  is to leave a legacy of leaders who innovate, collaborate and mobilize others.