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Portals of Inspiration

The Book - That is TRANSFORMING lives,

Personal and Professional Advantage.

Portals of Inspiration


In Portals of Inspiration; connected with safe power,  William Winship has clearly poured out his heart and soul into this work.  All of us face trials and tumults in our lives. Most  recover and some of us recover better for the ordeal. Count William in the latter category. His life history and faith helped him develop a system that helps leaders excel called PORTACLE™.  With his system William guides you to measured success. As a faith based book and author William Winship gets much of his inspiration from the Bible but he also gets wisdom from modern thought leaders like my wife, Sally Hogshead, and the Fascination Advantage® System.  There’s a lot of good in this book and readers of all walks, especially readers of the Christian faith will appreciate and learn from this work. 

Ed Normand is President of How To Fascinate and Co-Founder of the Fascination Advantage Assessment: Discover how the world sees you… At your best. 

“Is it really this simple?  William has posed a growth plan for success that is prevalent within us that cuts through the jungle of management self-help books and a multitude of consultants mumbo-jumbo.  This is a must read after which you will need to read it again and again, whenever you start doubting yourself.” 

Gorge O. Zach is an Engineer for Watertronics, and a Coach and Mentor of the author.  He helped engineer Portacle™ as a senior advisor and friend.

“This is quite a surprising read on corporate culture, corporate goals and the kingdom of God. As you get into this book make sure that you read through until the end - as that is where the great payoff is. There is much to learn from William Winship’s rich personal life experiences in both business and God - and this book will leave you with a template for properly weaving the two together. You will be particularly impacted by the raw honesty and transparency of the writer and it is in that that there is extra wisdom to glean from. This is an easy read and I am delighted to endorse it.”

Johnny Enlow is an Author/Speaker/Social Reformer and mentor, who applies biblical truth to practical world challenges.  He and his wife Elizabeth travel the world introducing proven concepts to awaken the passion of people into their calling.

"My friend William Winship has written an incredible book - wise, thoughtful, practical, engaging, authentic, transparent and transformative. Read it, study it, live it and pass on the insights from Portals of Inspiration."

Dr. Ron Jenson is known as the America's Life coach.  He takes pride in seeing people live a principle centered life and self govern as they learn to be effective in gaining personal mastery. 

For the time I have known William Winship, he has been a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. He has a unique way of outlining a plain path which, if followed, will lead people to success. It is wonderful to know that true wealth is gained by leaving a legacy of those whose lives were elevated to new levels. This book will truly impact many to improve their life.

Dr. Coy Barker is a father to many with the passion to mentor Integrity, Faith and Excellence learned and communicated through God's Word. He is an internationally known orator and author, and the founder of Elevation Point Church in Loganville, GA.

In Portals of Inspiration; Connected with Safe Power,  William Winship helps us to experience life.  Life is a school and we all are continuously learning by what we go through so that we can improve. I have been on a journey with William for the last few years and have found that his transparently is congruent with his walk.  Your life, marriage, church, business, and as a matter of fact all your relationships will be deeply enriched by the words penned on the pages of this book. Portals of Inspiration; Connected with Safe Power will reinforce what you already know and teach you the things you may need to bring your life to that next level. This book will encourage you to fulfill you dreams and those of others that you influence. Your life will never be the same!   Do yourself a big favor and apply the principles found in this book to your life as they are keys to future Portals of excellence in your future. 

Melvin Weaver is the Senior Pastor of Grace Chapel.  He is the successor to "Legacy Leaving" parents who founded this unique church.  He is a committed believer, community organizer, encourager and Kingdom Builder with a Vision for the Next Generation of World Changers and to impact the Nations for Jesus Christ. 

It is a blessing for me  to know William Winship and be involved in his work with Portacle™.   It is my belief that this book will help people understand how they are suppose to increase their lives and influence the next generation toward their destiny. The thing that excites me every time I talk with William is the fact that he has a plan to help people obtain their vision and goals.  I believe those people who read this book will discover the same thing! 

Bishop Larry Jackson is an author, speaker and teacher and the founding pastor of Bethel Outreach International Church in Charlotte, NC.   Bishop Jackson is a nationally known Promise Keepers speaker  and entrepreneur. 

William Winship is a personal friend of ours who truly walks in the reality of what he teaches.  A person with true character who is open for anyone to examine his life and he takes responsibility for error and weaknesses of his past and uses those experiences to help others. We appreciate William's heart to communicate principles that help to bring much needed change to family, church, community, region, state, country, and the whole world that is much needed at this crucial season of transformation.  The concept of moving from Dysfunction to Harmony will release bondage and cause an explosion of vision in all levels of life. 

Steve, Jake and David Lapp - "the Lapp Brothers" are dedicated to transforming cultures and deeply care about people.  The three drivers of their enterprise is a triple win.  They serve to enhance community with compassion and authentic connection. They are world travelers that purposely enhance culture with their unique style.

In the Book, Portals of Inspiration, Connected to Safe Power, William Winship puts together all the elements that make a “Serving Leader.” Winship has done his homework, and provides a powerful guidebook for “Leaving a Legacy of Leaders.” Both an innovative look at organizational life and an introspective revelation written with transparency, this book reveals the dysfunction often found in organizational life and -- all importantly -- provides the pathway to effectuality and harmony. You’ll learn much from William Winship, and love his masterful storytelling.

John Stahl-Wert is co-author of the international bestseller, The Serving Leader, and Director of the Center for Serving Leadership.