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Sample Process:

Leaving a Legacy of Leaders (L3 Advance) – Brought to you by Portacle™ Solutions for Individual and Organizational Advancement.

What follows is a summary of activities that one of our participants or groups can expect at an L3 Advance.

There are four critical components, we refer to them as movements, that are a part of your L3 Advance. Your personalized L3 Advance experience can be tailored to fit a three, four or five-day schedule. (Our track-record informs us that the four or five-day L3 Advance experience yields the best results for the participants.)

Here are the four Movements that all participants are guided through.

First Movement – Passion

Issue(s) Being Addressed: Entrenched mindsets, emotional wounds and character faults limit a person’s ability to function at an optimal level and live a life that is highly productive, deeply meaningful and effective in regard to personal leadership.

Applied Methodology: A primary tool that is utilized in this First Movement is Emotional Intelligence. The component instrument that is part of Emotional Intelligence provides a comprehensive report that is highly useful when attempting to discover mindsets and emotions that have become obstacles to living a fulfilled and authentically successful life. The critical work at this first phase is to identify the emotional blockages, psychological patterns and/or spiritual wounds that have been holding participants back.

Expected Results: The participant will discover truth about herself that will open the doorway to liberation and release from issues that hinder success. She will develop an awareness of the mindsets that have been handicapping her ability to achieve desired goals in her career and her personal life. She will also become more self-aware as she projects herself through verbal and physical aspects of communication. In summary, the overarching objective for this first movement is the ability to self-identify deeply rooted attitudes, beliefs and behavioral traits that severely limit a life of achievement, success and leadership effectiveness.

Second Movement – Trust

Issues Being Addressed: Correcting decades of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that have been self-defeating for any person takes time. In this Second Movement we begin the process of restoring these undesirable attitudes and beliefs to a much-improved state as the participant continues the advance toward personal leadership effectiveness. The central issue here is the discovery of skills and personal strengths upon which the participant can begin to build new attitudes and a new mindset that will advance the authentic success and personal achievement for which he longs.

Applied Methodology: The participant will begin this movement by taking the StrengthsFinder 2.0 survey. The results of the survey will supply the participant with information regarding his areas of natural strength and ability. Equipped with this knowledge he can now discover ways to move beyond obstacles and personal “soft spots” when they are experienced. Our experience in the field of personal leadership training has proven that it is much more productive to develop areas of strength than to put effort into “areas of improvement.” Our leadership training process is engineered utilizing a “crawl-walk-run” strategy. People tend to develop more efficiently when they believe they can succeed. Operating from a position and attitude of strength makes success for the learner more probable. During the L3 Advance we take the spotlight off of performance metrics and shine it on the participant’s efforts that will promote a pattern of long-term, sustainable growth.

Expected Results: Once a participant has been able to identify issues that have been preventing optimal functioning in the areas of professional performance and human interaction, and he discovers that he is indeed in possession of a variety of personal character strengths, then self-confidence grows. At this point the participant is discovering new possibilities for their own personal success and overall emotional well-being. It is as if they have been given a new lease on life and they believe anew that life, love and work can be meaningful and fulfilling. The feeling at this point in the L3 Advance might be compared to a person that has been in a straight-jacket for months and has finally had someone come along and set him free.

Third Movement – Leadership

Issues Being Addressed: In this movement we build upon the participant’s heightened perception and the newly discovered strengths to create a new mindset and skill-set that brings authentic success within reach. It is at this point that the participant can begin to set goals and talk about future-orientation in terms of vision, mission and purpose. Now she is thinking about what actions she can take to make her desired future state of being a reality.

Applied Methodology: The new foundation that has been laid is beginning to solidify. Using the momentum of the previous two movements we begin to build, replacing the constricting attitudes and beliefs with empowering truth, proven relational skills, and time-honored leadership strategies. In this Third Movement we use the Leadership 2.0 book with its 360° Refined™ leadership assessment. It measures 22 core and adaptive leadership skills which the participant can build upon, turn into leadership strengths and utilize to achieve attainable goals. In addition, relational skills that promote improved communication, observation and listening are introduced reflecting back on the results of the Emotional Intelligence and StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessments.

Expected Results: At this point the participant will be in possession of assorted tools for sustained growth and authentic success. She will have confidence that she can continue to experience improvement in the significant areas of

life that have been in focus. Very significantly, the participant will have been introduced to various concepts and terminology that will prepare her for the Fourth Movement. Some of these terms are: personal leadership effectiveness, authentic success, character-based solutions and MAXIMIZERS Principles™.

Fourth Movement – Character

Issues Being Addressed: The key concepts that frame this movement are “long-term sustainable success” and “character-based leadership solutions.” The real issue here is that seminars, conferences, corporate trainings, and consultants all attempt to bring their unique solutions to bear on the issues that plague leaders and organizations. While “information” is frequently transferred from trainer to participant during these events, what is typically absent is any sustainable advancement in the participant’s ability to translate “information” into markedly improved performance, personally or professionally. What organizations need to succeed are not more employees with heads packed full of information they can’t readily apply. What will improve the overall success and achievement level of any organization are employees who are equipped to apply character-based leadership solutions to their personal lives and to their professional situations. Everything rises and falls on character.

Applied Methodology: The basis for the work in this Fourth Movement will be the results of the Merit Profile® Character and Behavior Survey. This proprietary assessment tool provides a wealth of information in regard to character-based personal leadership qualities. An overview of the ten MAXIMIZERS™ Principles will be presented and there will be guided discussions based on the participants’ personal survey results. In addition, there will be a presentation of the full catalog of Merit Integrated Solutions® and their application to the advancement of any organization’s human resource acquisition, development and performance needs.

Expected Results: Here at the close of the L3 Advance, in light of everything that has preceded there are several expected results. The first result will be a greater confidence that the advancements made by each participant will be sustainable once they return to their familiar surroundings. This is critical, because it is one thing to get energized and hopeful while away in a different setting with different people. It is another thing altogether to be able to sustain that energy when the participant returns home to the same old challenges and situations, in the same old setting. The second result will be that the awareness around “character-based solutions” is going to have a dramatic impact on the way that the participant frames his life and the roles that he plays in that life. To have language, concepts and a framework with which to capture and express these elusive “character traits” is exciting. All of life will be forever impacted. The third result is one that we predict will happen. Those individuals who participate in an L3 Advance will return to work and home with an exuberance to share what they have experienced. This work is infectious because it answers so many of the questions people are asking about quality leadership and its impact on families, religious and secular organizations, governments, corporations, and communities of all types. L3 Advance participants will depart with the knowledge that they have been a part of something that has the power to transform lives and transform the world.