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Liars Destroy Cultures

Liars destroy cultures. I remember every evening before we went to bed my father  would ask,  "Who  do you love?"   Our response to that question was,  "Baby Jesus and everybody."   As a kid,  you always want …

Passion, Trust and Character that is Tried and True

 A key component to having a culture is to ensure that culture is strong, safe and operating in a manor that creates profit.   // We do not separate the personal from the professional because the impact of the personal "issu …

Influence Culture

There are many people speaking today about culture.  The idea that is being presented is that if you change your culture you will change your organizational success.  // The real question that exists is how many cultures hav …

Measure the Culture

As I have been studying about cultures within organizations there are a few points that I would like to elaborate on. // We are learning that the best way to assess a culture is with a group of parties that are part of the culture. The …