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YOUR Fired. Bad Customers Cost too much to keep.

A Confession: We do NOT want to do business with BAD Customers, we only want QUALITY Clients.  It is with a bit of fear and trepidation that I am communicating to all of our friends who are part of our data base, if this offends you or you se …

The Buzz, be CAREFUL not to lose your WAY!

  Today's video blog describes what happens when a business or organization loses its way.  Understand that this blog is my rant, and it is based on my own observations and opinions as a professional business consultant.  I persona …

Concepts by Portacle™

  Why do Cultures Count?  Do People Count?  Is Clarity important?   // Here are a few answers:  

Leading from Scarcity

Recently I’ve been reading a book about scarcity.   I’ve always thought of scarcity as being bad however this book has helped to  reframe how I view scarcity.        // In the belo …