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Key Considerations in TEAM Building


1. ARE THEY A PERSON OF CHARACTER? -the Character Factor.  Character is critical to business, when you do what you say and show up as promised, the results will work themselves out over time.

2. CONSIDER WHO INFLUENCES THEIR LIFE THE MOST? -the Trust Factor.   Be careful and pay attention to who they let influence their life, some things just are a waste of energy and who people associate with is very telling.  Learning and growing from the best in the industry will greatly benefit you and the team you lead.  Be that influence you want them to be, you model the behavior you want to show up.

3. ARE THEY SOFT? It is critical to have a soft approach while demonstrating competence.  People will listen more and be more willing to follow. Both competence and character are essential ingredients to building trust filled relationships.  Consider building your team around the core concepts of CHARACTER, PASSION and TRUST, the end game is to Leave a Legacy of Leaders™

4. WHO KNOWS THEM WELL? No one is perfect, so when recruiting learn about the people that know your recruit best. It is very important to be humble and allow others to to help in the process of evaluation. 


A great recruit will have many mentors that have been given permission to discuss any shortcomings.  A quality prospective team member will be surrounded by people who are authentic and helpful.  Their references will be aware of the soft or blind spots that may prevent them from being optimal, and will be helpful with suggestions.

5. ARE THEY TEACHABLE? Humility transforms a persons heart. A teachable person will always be growing, changing, maturing, and interesting.

6. ARE THEY RULED BY TRUTH OR BY EMOTION? - The Passion Factor.  A person of noble character will understand the balance between truth and feeling. They will not be an impenetrable stoic, nor will they be a drama queen.  They may lean one way or the other but will ultimately let the truth of control, define, and be the compass with compassion.

7. ARE THEY FEARFUL? Fear can be debilitating in the life of a personality; making faith oriented decisions in business is the key to empowerment. Be bold and take the kinds of risk that ensure a return on the investment of your time, time is precious.  When you respect your own time, and know its value, you make things happen, even in the rough times, victory is sure.

8. ARE THEY WISE WITH THEIR WORDS? People talk. It’s science and relationships are mathematical.  When you make deposits, you build, when you make withdrawels by unwelcomed criticism and gossip, it diminishes your personal power.  Speak powerfully, build and encourage.   People of character use their words to build up, speaking love and honor. Words reveal  character, so be aware of the impact they hold.

“Cute” is a good start, but character is the measuring stick of a solid team member worthy of your time and pursuit. Be intentional about building your own character and diligent in your search to findothers whose character resembles the kind of quality worth following.