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Marketing Confusion and Time


People are searching for answers as a relates to the use of the Internet.  It takes time to weed out all the good and bad choices that you can make as it rates to TIME and the use of MONEY to advance the work you do.  Focus is critical, especially as it relates to internet marketing and running your business.  

Competition  is fierce especially as it relates to positioning  on the World Wide Web. We are being inundated with information,  and more information is being produced by all of the gurus with claims to have the answer as it relates to building your business using Internet strategy is mind bogeling, and the weeding process alone can break the bank.  Be cautious, the internet can be a serious time zapper and if you are not careful can harm you as much as it can help. 

There are a plethora books that can be purchased from Amazon from all of the professionals who may have answers to helping you build your business with less confusion and may infact be helpful, the issue is TIME.  How much time to do you have for the learning curve?   The real challenge may not be marketing as much as how to create a business that will continue to be in business with all of the vast changes that we are experiencing.    For instance,  I was viewing a Facebook page from one of my former clients who tend to like to do things themselves in effor to SAVE MONEY. One glaring and obvious  concern in viewing their facebook page was that they had categorize themselves as a restaurant,  when in fact they were  in the wholesale business.  OOPS, a technology error or perhaps an indication of how they do business?   

Trust, (BRAND TRUST) is established by demonstrating competency and doing what you promise, also known as the CHARACTER of your business or organization.  

As a business owner you may be searching for ways to expand your market share and like many, you may be confused about how to approach marketing, especially with all the choices.   This article  is not going to give you  the how to's of Internet marketing but we will discuss  come common sense truths of owning a business in a very highly competitive global market.  The fact is everything you do is under a microscopic view,  and being used  by the Google search engine’s,  and Facebook’s analytics  to study you  and ultimately try and sell you something.   If  you begin to focus your energy and time much like  the big companies,  you will begin to gain market share.   The competitive advantage of many small businesses,  is that they can develop and maintain a personality with high quality standards and cator to their clients,  were some of the larger companies are losing market share because they have become too reliant on systems and lost touch with their people.

The first idea is to keep your business simple,  try not to over analyze everything and  never take a half hearted  approach to marketing,  it is better not to market  than to put something out  in haste.   It would truly be better for you not to get involved in all of the social media  hype until you have a clear strategy and a direct path where you can gain traction to advance.   The second part is to be very generous with your content,  try not  to withhold your intellectual property on the basis that you are so special that witholding help will somehow yeild a fiscal return, the truth is those who hold back are unimployed in short order.  An example is the innovation of the typewriter, once it was almost perfected, the lazer printer and computer pushed it out of the market, or the purchase of film for your camera, and the innovation of digital photography.    The fact is that there is more intellectual property just on the Internet than any one individual can possibly ever use.

Another final idea is to be authentic.    Be  you,  and nobody else.   It is your unique factor that will ultimately provide you the competitive advantage.   If you stand for integrity, be integral in your posts.   If you stand  for truth, be truthful in your posts.   Be very careful not to compromise the highest standard,  because people are attracted and do business with people that they trust.  

It is our opinion that when you develop a business it must be congruent to your advertisement.   If you are in the wholesale business  and you categorize yourself as a restaurant,  you have lost credibility and your marketing is faulty.   The concept  is that while you may have good intentions getting involved in social media,  it can hurt you more than help you if you're not presenting a clear and compelling message that is congruent every time. 

The real basic bottom line here is that businesses and organizations need to spend time reinventing themselves and determining  the value of that which they are focused on.   Most of the time cash flow issues have a direct relationship and a correlation to management dysfunction.   It is unwise to produce defects continuously,  so our advice would be to slow down and take a good hard look  at the work that you're doing,  and make some business decisions regarding what needs to happen moving forward.   The strategy that Portacle™ employees is  a process of innovation, collaboration of the team and mobilizing a culture to influence others to “Leave a Legacy of Leaders™”  

As a  departing thought,  it is very good to make sure that you have a very clear perspective on what it is that your business and organization actually completes and accomplishes in the market place.   Clarity generally is followed by provision and the purpose of your business organization is to be profitable.