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Safe Power is really a subject about being able to use your talent and skill in a way that is not harmful, and does not employ corrupt power tactics like coercion, bullying and manipulation.  

In the end, what we hope for, is to create a win for you as the organizational leader, a win for those involved in building the vision/mission and a win for the community that the organization serves. This blog is a simple demonstration; we took $ 1.00 (one dollars) worth of tinfoil to redirect a great loss of energy.  The result was more optimal power and helpful to write this blog!

The key to optimization is to use developed methods,  employ proven systems and submit to high quality controls that measure and adjust performance.  In our world it is about - passionately engaged people, trusted leadership, and the character to build with a long view.   

Below you will see the results of redirected waves of energy, you will see empirical evidence of where power was being lost and wasted, and how a minor adjustment changed the energy flow to make the energy productive.  Sadly, unstable cultures are more the norm, than the exception.  In an organization that is not aligned well the result will most likely end in a power surge that hurts production of people and/or a power loss that could terminate the organization from lack of engagement.  The idea that you cannot find good employees, and/or are having cash flow problems is most likely a bogus myth that gives logic and permission to failure.  It is critical to consider and measure key areas that are scientifically proven to discover the cause of losts opportunities and identify fresh resources if profit is the objective to growth.  The reality is that you may need to establish some new standards, take the time to evaluate growth opportunities, align the people to their passion and do the hard work to define success and the ultimate achievements required to generate desired results.   

As clearly as I can articulate our message, building profitable cultures is precisely what we do at Portacle™, we help redirect and focus energy in a useful way in effort to produce high yielding cultures through Process Consulting and Coaching.  

Problem: Low Power on the Internet.

The Process: Reposition and redirect waves of energy with a deflector shield.

The Cost: One Dollar

The Result: Greater Wifi Experience and Quick Efficient Service.

Conclusion: Direction and use of power has a direct relationship to profit. Focused power produces velocity and informs long term of your organization. 

Efficiency,  and productivity require change.    Measured change gives you the advantage in the marketplace  to have greater results by applying proven science to build and sustain a healthy culture.    Most often,  there is a direct correlation to high profit and sustainability to the proper use of directed power.

My makeshift invention after researching the internet, it does not look pretty... but it works GREAT!


    RESULTS - Higher yeild!