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SAFE POWER and Empowerment.

"You are in CHARGE principally to CHARGE others."  Quote from The Serving Leader

Power surge is a concern for businesses and organizations that do not fully understand the point of being in charge.  Some people believe that leadership is about climbing to the top and having a position.  The ground truth is that position doesn't give you the leadership, the behavior does.   Great leaders understand the importance of delegating opposed to abdicating.  To abdicate means to give your power away, often in an attempt to not take personal responsibility with a hope the business or organization will prosper.  Personal leadership effectiveness requires a mindset to ensure that the person who is being delegated has the competence to follow through for the long view with tested competance.

Long-term leadership, and organizational development is critical to administrate power safely.  

In the book, "The Serving Leader, Five Powerful Actions That Will Transform Your Team" I am learning that true leadership intentionally reverses the hierarchy.  In other words, The leadership has a bottom-up view.   Strong leaders understand that the point and purpose is to empower the team to perform at an optimal level.

This is precisely what we do at Portacle, empower leaders to lead, the endgame is to Leave a Legacy of Leaders™.