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Serving Leader

"Serving Leaders have to reduce their wisdom on ‘how to succeed’ into bite-sized packages. The Serving Leader teaches these packages of wisdom to the team, which in turn teaches others.”  

              -The Serving Leader: Five Powerful Actions That Will Transform Your Team, Your Business, and Your Community.

Many business and organizational development companies that offer coaching and consulting may be a bit stingy especially as it relates to high yielding disbursement of their intellectual property.  Perhaps, even more important is how the disbursement of intellectual property is provided and whether or not  it is retained or used practically by the client.  The key question is ultimately around the methods used to effect growth and keep organizations on a continuous improvement path. 

What I mean is that if the information is not provided in a timely and practical way that the client may not be able to utilize this knowledge.  We know that knowledge is not power unless that power it is utilized for a planned purpose.  The true essence of power is not just the practical application but the efficient disbursement of that power so that it  creates growth and opportunity.

In the book, “The Serving Leader”, the author dispels the many myths that leaders operate under that can end in a dysfunctional culture, and gives insight to what works.  For starters, one of the first approaches is to flip the hierarchy upside down.  Management is trained with a  a more gentle approach which includes experiential training by modeling and employs characteristics like humility, civility and diplomacy. 

The fact is that many of us are in a state of information overload, and not focused on the things that in the end cause profit.  We may be doing wonderful things, yet not produce the greater futures. 

Leadership, has been taught in many forums that you as a leader are called to be a trailblazer, yet any great trailblazer who was honest and truthful will be able to tell you many horror stories of how this type of leadership can be quite cumbersome and filled with thorns, and bruises.

While I admire the Rambo’s and the Mavericks,  much can be learned to avoid pain and suffering.

It is a fact, that risk is involved in any leadership, the million-dollar question is really is how can you navigate and negotiate to avoid the expense and often the tragedies that happen when leadership does not submit to proper principles and forgets the purpose of the organization.

Focus is needed today.

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