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Fascinating Engagement

It's truly Fascinating to watch a TEAM come together and learn how to behave.  Behavior especially as it relates to Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitment shape what we call culture.  As we continue to learn what makes business cultures profitable, the key element seem to not change much.  Profit is the objective for organizations so that they can fulfill the mission and purpose for which they were designed originally to fulfill. 


We are learning that there are many ways to measure progress, yet the metrics traditionally used have not focused on the key assets, the people.  Personal Leadership Effectiveness is where we find the highest traction.  With the engagement being so low in the workforce, we are learning that there is a serious call to action to align, develop and empower people in the area of their passion, opposed to having them remain in a disengaged state. 


Some of our metric tools measure how the world sees them, others measure how that they see the world.  It is critical to measure both so that the management team knows how to best utilize the power within their culture.


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