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I was wrong, please forgive me!

Perhaps one of the hardest things to do is to model that which you teach.    The longer I learn the more aware I become of the need for forgiveness.

If we are going to make any measurable progress,  it is because we have recognized  the flaws that exist in us,  and extend grace to others  as we build  high-yielding and profitable cultures.   It requires a deep commitment to humility,  and often times will require  that we ask for forgiveness when the wrong  and extended forgiveness when we are offended.  

Below is an excerpt that points to the HIGH Cost of Poor Behavior…

Some employees admit to intentionally taking out their frustrations or anger on customers. More than 15 percent of targets reported that they purposely decreased customer assistance after experiencing incivility from a coworker. Some blamed the organization and wanted to exact revenge. “Hey, I was wronged,” a department store retailer remarked, “ so who do you think I’m going to take it out on? My boss? No. I’ll give it to the next customer I think deserves it. In the meantime I won’t go out of my way to serve customers.”

Pearson, Christine; Porath, Christine (2009-05-22). The Cost of Bad Behavior: How Incivility Is Damaging Your Business and What to Do About It (p. 103). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition. 

We are learning as we continue down this journey of process consulting and coaching  that in order to facilitate long-term sustainability  it requires commitment  to a process in order to develop  and maintain  Trust,  live a life that is centered on good Character  and remain diligent with a Passion to help others achieve greatness.

Leadership,  is established between parties because there is a trust given and expected.   Leaders today,  if they have integrity that includes both competence and character  is in high demand.

Portacle™  is actually two words,  portal and oracle.    A portal because it is an open door to new ideas,  learned through experiential training  that includes  intellectual property  gained over life time, and organized with purpose.    The oracle part  has to do with linguistics and communication especially as it relates  to productive conversations.  Words that contain truth  and influence  others for the purpose of  Leaving a Legacy of  Leaders™. 

Culture is developed in a portal, and words appropriately spoken shape that culture.   Civil conversations  have a tendency to  build a profitable environment,  that is stable,  safe  and  fun.

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