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Portals of Inspiration - Connected to SAFE POWER™

Portals of Inspiration


The Portacle™ journey began as an inspiration. I remember sitting in a restaurant speaking with a man who told me that he wanted to be my coach. I had no idea what a coach was, nor did I know that I needed one.  The conversation focused around me and my life, the challenges that I was facing. At the time I owned a general construction company that was doing quite well, the challenge was that I really did not LOVE the business. I had dreams to do more than run a contracting company.  

George listened intently as I described a vision of a larger and more exciting future. He drew out of me a real passion for a more excellent life.  While owning a business certainly can be your passion, it was no longer mine because I had other aspirations.

George is an encourager and a positive thinker. He helped me process and together we engineered a plan of action.  I knew that I wanted to change course and help more people. At the time I was conflicted because on one hand I wanted to be a minister, and on the other hand I wanted to continue with my entrepreneurial journey.  

George helped me to see that I could do both. 

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