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Delaine Allen - Women at War

Women at WAR

Delaine Allen

Rise Up, Be Restored and Embrace God's Mandate for Your Life

According to Psalm 86:11, "The women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host" - battle ready armies of women who have been restored to God's original plan and embraced heaven's mandate for their time in history. Every woman is significant!



  • How your individual purpose fits into God's plan to transform nations.
  • How to posture yourself personally for your divine calling.
  • What spiritual warfare is really about.
  • How to take back your destiny.
  • How to advance with confidence.



  • Women at War breathes confidence into the hearts of women! We believe this book is strategic in its timing to the mobilizing of women from the sideline to the frontline.”

    David & Cathie Harrison

    Senior Pastors of the R.O.C. Church International
    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Delaine has brought forth incredible revelation to encourage women to see from heavens perspective and to become all that God has called them to be. 

    Remi Ogunrinde

    Co-founding Apostle, Global Teams Alliance
    Regina, Saskatchewan,
  • For any woman who has struggled with her place, her voice, and her value in ministry or the world, Women at War, will alleviate any confusion as to what God is up to.

    Maryann Ehmann,

    Author of Have I Ever Told You, You're My Favorite
    Magnificent Life and Business Coach, Founder of Create Your Magnificent Life Now

About the Author

Delaine operates in a revelatory teaching anointing to move people ahead in their assigned purpose of advancing heaven's agenda in the earth.

Delaine, along with her husband Dale, head up Lifestream Ministries International and Trainin for the Nations. Dale & Delaine are the parents of two grow married children.