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Australia Leaders Call to Prayer


Should we Pray for America?

As I prepare to go to Canada, and meet with some leaders in a few key cities, I reflect on what has been happening here in America. 

Baltimore, Maryland has been under attack with major riots over the death oh Freddy Gray.  It appears that the city has gone into a state of civil unrest over the injustice of a civilian. It is true that Freddy Gray had numerous encounters with the law, and indeed was involved in criminal activity, that does not justify police brutality and certainly doesn't bring his life back.  The riots are a demonstration of the kind of attitude that exists to attempt to bring light to equality issues.   As a white male person, I can not pretend to understand the discrimination, but I can see the evidence of a very angry next generation. 

Even in the midst of chaos there is great opportunity for restoration. Although we can criticize the handling of this incident and the lack of attention from our President "Barack Obama" and the mayor of the city that seems to believe that standing down, opposed to engaging in combat to stop the criminal activity is the best course of acton.   She may be correct - cars, buildings and the stolen goods can be replaced.  She may be preserving human lives. The concern might be that in the process of standing down, she may also be giving unintended permission to greater destruction and further civil unrest. 

The rioters themselves are creating their own justice for all of the injustice that happened specifically to the African American people.  Those involved in rioting and engaged with destructive behavior are attempting to send a message to the world.  The news media is tending to exploit the situation especially as it relates to political ends, and may be using the racism to gain votes needed to "RULE".  We are in a POWER struggle, and NEED SafePOWER.

In my book, I discuss the concepts around SafePOWER, and even how we can move from dysfunction to harmony.

Portals of Inspiration Connected to Safe Power

In the video above you will notate that there is a gentleman who is calling his country, Australia to pray for America.

American is in desperate need of prayer at the moment because we have fallen so far away from our Judeo-Christian foundation.

This article is to expose the goodness of our people, black and white, and promotes peace in a troubling time.

Here is a mother disciplining her son for the actions and activities that are destroying Baltimore.  She essentially is a hero.  She is sending a very much-needed message to the youth who are justifying their destructive behavior, over an injustice - leading to a criminal lifestyle.  She has effectively exposed her son to the world, and taken him from destruction to safety.  SafePOWER.


Here is a picture of a group of you holding signs demonstrating their grief over the very unfortunate death of Freddie Gray.


This picture shows a moment or a man in uniform appears to be in a moment of introspection evaluating the purpose of all of this wrong doing and how it will impact this next generation.


This is a picture of those taking personal responsibility for the immature behavior and destruction of a few.



Is Racism REAL in America?

The point of this article is that there is civil unrest not only in Baltimore but across the nation and America is In dire need to stand up and to pray as we reclaim our foundation.

I believe the discussion has begun around the subject of racism, certainly there is an awareness like we've never experienced before,   It truly is time to come together as the melting pot that we were created today and to embrace each and forgive.  

It is time that we Americans implemented what apostle Paul referred to as - “Forgetting those things which are behind and pressing toward the mark of excellence, for his Excellency”

My hope for America, is that we can unite around the Judaeo Christian principles, Recapture ethics in politics into engage other cultures with love.  Clearly it is time for compassion, Restraint, in the use of power to build America, not tare it down.

Democracy vs. Socialism the Battle for America.

Finally, the real issue is Socialism vs. Democracy and its time to open our eye and decide, the hope and change the need is around Character, Trust and Passion.