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Focus, Focus, Focused.

As your friend, I invite you into the intersanctum of my mind.  It is challenging to think about the many thoughts that we have and how those thoughts can greatly determine our achievements, levels of success and futures.

Our society has trained us in such a manner that if you have a negative thought or negative feelings the first thing you need to do is bury it alive.  Ask little children especially boys - we have been taught to deny your feelings and emotions, simply suck it up, and be a man.   Young ladies and their feelings are often ignored, leaving them feeling devalued. 

It is no wonder there is so much dysfunction and marriage in business..  we dont know how to feel. 

In the following book, Train Your Brain: How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Record Time by Dana Wilde, she helps us understand that negative emotions and feelings are designed to help us in fact embrace life's changes and solve greater problems.

"As you’ve learned, thoughts create your feelings and beliefs, and your beliefs create your outside pictures of the world. With this knowledge, a pervasive theme that has taken hold in today’s culture is that negative thoughts are sabotaging our success. The suggestion you are somehow sabotaging your own chance for success and happiness is thoroughly self-defeating. By equating so-called negative emotions with failure, experts are effectively blaming people for experiencing less-than positive feelings. This makes most people afraid to acknowledge their counter-productive feelings. That also forces some to deny their negative emotions entirely. This repressive approach to emotions, and the unfortunate blame-game which naturally follows, creates a clear and damaging message that negative emotions are “bad.”

Wilde, Dana (2013-08-06). Train Your Brain: How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Record Time (pp. 135-136). BalboaPress. Kindle Edition. 

I am excited to keep today's blog very short, just simply to make a very basic point.  Emotions can be both negative and positive.  Engage your emotions as being useful.   When you can articulate your feelings, discuss your emotions and take the appropriate actions, that is evidence of your emotional intelligence.