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A Case for Character

The sum total of the Portacle™ Character, Trust & Passion virtue orb is in one word, that word is: COMPASSION.

In this article I have included a download from the Harvard Review to substantiate the importance of CHARACTER and how compassion plays a role in the PROFITABILITY or organizations and enterprises. 



In a recent book, and being involved with “Business Consulting” and helping people to be more optimal as they journey through life, we learn.  Maturity is an experience, a lifetime of growing, changing, developing and ensuring that what we do, matters.

The following excerpt if from a book, Return On Character by Fred Kiel. 

“Shortly after this book is published, I will celebrate my seventy-fifth birthday. For nearly forty years, I have served as an adviser and confidant to executive leaders in both large and small organizations. Most often, my clients have been chief executive officers.  

Early on in this work, I was struck by how most of my clients were very principled, and yet they demonstrated so little concern for the common good. They weren’t hostile to the idea, just focused only on what was good for their specific business.

I also was surprised by how little insight most of my clients had about the real levers for creating value. The executives I advised typically undervalued methods for inspiring and energizing the workforce and overvalued strategic financial and competitive moves. When tough economic times roiled the waters, their investment in talent development (including their own) was the first budget item they tossed overboard. They had little awareness that who they are is just as important as what they know how to do. The hard data resulting from our research has provided quantitative metrics that clearly prove just how limiting that lack of awareness can be, in both personal and professional outcomes. 

I’ve written this book to offer concrete reasons for rethinking our ideas about effective leadership, and to map out the direct connection between strong character, principled behavior, and sustainable business results.” 1

1 Kiel, Fred (2015-03-17). Return on Character: The Real Reason Leaders and Their Companies Win (Kindle Locations 118-125). Harvard Business Review Press. Kindle Edition. 

The Point of my including this excerpt is simply that there are large bodies of work who are now understanding the significance of measuring success, and the relationship of character as it relates to profitability.  

I include, the following HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW article as an additional reference:  MEASURING THE RETURN ON CHARACTER DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE.

We are learning that profit occurs by design, profit has a relationship to the character, or the sum total of a culture.  The DNA of a company is truly its character.  The concept of having an integral leader at the helm, and people within the rank and file for not operating with integrity is essentially the point of the work we do at Portacle. 

The old cliché, you can't manage it unless you can measure it only ring true if what you measure relates to performance.

Compassion relates to three things, one being the passion for which you live your life, the direction in which you're moving, and how you interrelate with others.

The bottom line, is not the bottom line when you're not measuring the correct things.  All too often the CEOs Focus on selling more widgets come on marketing more widgets and producing more profits.   There is no problem with creating a profit, the issue is that in the process of building a profitable sustaining enterprise, if you ignore the key elements that will drive that company into his future, sustainability is uncertain.

Our answer, is to invest in the human capital ensuring that each person is in their rightful position and operating with the kind of passion that they are trusted and their character is not in question.  Creating a contagious culture that is authentic is how we create Profit by Design.

In the diagram below we illustrate the process starting at the bottom, with building trust.  Ironically, we have learned that certain habits can be installed to create a thriving culture. It is a true behavioral modification that is needed so that a business or organization becomes genuine, stable and marketable. 

People do business with people they trust, people follow people with a genuine passion, and finally people remain in business relationships with people of character. 

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