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Purpose, Vision & Values - Our Family Center of Carolinas™

Transition and Focus.

Portacle has been in transition, and we want our clients to know that we are foming a NON PROFIT entity to help more people.  While this blog only hightlight the work we are doing we are excited to provide you with some highlights.  Today I happen to be in Lexington Kentucky working with my friend Calvin Clark,  because what we are interested in is developing a family of entrepreneurs that succeed and win.

Fun - because you need to be rewarded.

We are learning that people want to have fun today in that without fun organizations tend to not hit their goals.  You will note this training center will be about having fun as well as well as developing the business skills neededTo grow.


To improve lives through character based training that creates cohesive teams in marriage, organizations and business concerns.


To be a Multi-Cultural and Multi-Generational Equipping epicenter for Church and Business Leaders that influence and changes destiny of those served.


Biblical Truth in all things - Scripture is our Authority.

Authenticity - That we will be congruent in action, words and deeds.

Serving Leaders - Leading by example from a position of Honor.

Family - Celebrating that we are the body of Christ and as such are a “Family: of Multi-Cultural and Multi-Generational.”

We are in a state of continuous improvement with the focus to produce Excellence.

Negotiate the Triple Win, Those we Serve (Locally) Wins, the Community they Serve Wins (Nationally),  & the ultimate beneficiary -Triple Win-  is that we impact the Word (Internationally)