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Being an Eagle in a Turkey World

Eagles are steady, single minded and focused.  They acknowledge the turkey, and know that turkey's exist, yet they do not get distracted by the turkeys.  Turkeys make an interesting sound, and are pretty birds.  They can often be found walking through the woods and make a great meal.  They are designed to be a feast, while eagles are not in many countries permitted to be shot by the hunters.  They are rare and inspiring.

An eagle sees a storm and embraces the storm as opportunity, while the turkey may become victim to the storm and die. 

What does this have to do with CHESS?  Everything.

A turkey learns the moves on a chess board and plays the "game" as a matter of recreation, to have fun.  Turkeys love to have fun and walk in circles. An Eagle plays the game to win, and knows a few more things that the turkey's don’t.  As an example, when you ask an Eagle what part of the game he wants to own or be, he is wise in his response.  A turkey "wants to be the King, but does NOT want to do the hard work needed to qualify to be the King”.  Most turkeys spend their time chasing the queen, and often do not have the wisdom to be a real asset to the queen, so they drift in and out of relationships looking for a new queen.  The turkey lacks Character while the Eagle Models Character.

A REAL Eagle understands that the "game cannot be played" if they are not around.  An eagle is Filled with Integrity, and they are the Board on which the "players" exist.  The Eagle knows that there is no game without the board.

An Eagle is RAW power, safe power and the kind of power that leads organization to optimal performance, while the turkey continues to talk, the Eagle is walking it out.  The EAGLE is Not the one who puts his hand to the plow, contrary, they put their hand to the "Seed Sower" and produce an abundant harvest. 

More about this coming soon...