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Setting the GOLD Standard

First here is a link to the first of two books that will be used in our Relational Excellence practicals and Gold Standard Business Experiential Learning Incubators.

Either click this LINK, or the book cover and you will receive the Downloaded Book

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Business is changing fast, and people who will adapt to the changes will be positioned to grow and thrive in the global economic principled leadership collaborative environments. 

We are crossing a line from Innovation, to Collaboration because in effort to Mobilize leaders in the technologically behavior driven economy, the old ways are no longer the effective and efficient ways.

As an example, consider UBER, one of the worlds fastest growing "TAXI", ooops did I say TAXI?  It is as if the TAXI Cab business is becoming an ancient way to get around.  It is like the old rotary dial telephone, it is becoming extinct.  WHY, because UBER has figured out how to reward drivers, focus on the experience of the passengers and use technology to advantage themselves.

Understand this, I am not suggesting that UBER is a good company with moral values and one that truly cares about society, I am simply suggesting it is a company getting RICH while it takes advantage of technology and in many cases it's drivers. 

Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon also know what UBER knows, that is that behaviors can be learned with technology, and commerce is driven by understanding behavior.

We are setting the GOLD standard because we believe that Principle Centered Leadership that is keyed on developing high performing cultures is the present future, it is time to intentionally build into society high yielding principles that include the development of excellent attitudes, high yielding behaviors that keep the culture safe and growing.  

You may contact us should you like to understand more.