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Holywood, the Challanges.

Kathryn De Fries has been under attack by so called "leaders and speakers" who hate the virtues that she brings.  These immature and slanderous remarks to discredit Kathryn's character are both immature and lack consideration for the kind of foundation needed to raise families with Character, Integrity and Values needed to raise a nation to the higher standards and promote congruent communities. 

Why do they do this?  The attack is perhaps by design, the Holywood community may have invited tolerance, acceptance and so called politically correct ideals, to the omission of Character Centered life producing cultures that include hope, faith and love. 
Here is the POINT of this article, a so called speaker had determined that Kathryn has an agenda that is not in alignment with his belief - instead of maturely interfacing with Kathryn, he instead used his speaking platform and influence to discredit Kathryn - saying things like she does not shower, and is not clean as a means to decay her credibility.  
Instead of having the intended impact, much like a TRUMP attack, this lost leader is losing his audiance, and will in short order be labled as a loser, even among his strongest supporters. 
I personally know Kathryn and she is clean, a pure heart and a tremendoud influence for Good.  We need real champions to influence our next generation, Kathryn is one of those people.   Our future is dependent on pure heated individules who care opposed to celebrities who at any cost will demoralize others to try to one up, leaders with a pure heart.
We have to reject the immature tactics to discredit high achievers and impliment Character and Accountbility if we are to improve Holywood.